The Ultimate Guide to All Accessories Users in Blox Fruits

Jun 13, 2023

Accessories are an essential aspect of Blox Fruits gameplay, as they offer various benefits to the player. In Blox Fruits, you can buy accessories from the accessory shop to enhance your stats, gain extra damage, and acquire unique abilities. Through this comprehensive guide, we will discuss different types of Accessories that exist in Blox Fruit and how to use them strategically to become a better player.

Types of Accessories in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits offer different types of Accessories such as Necklaces, Belts, Rings, and Weapons, each with its own unique benefits, and it’s essential to know how each accessory works before equipping them. Weapons are especially interesting as they have the most significant impact on gameplay. Better weapons give the player more damage and increase their chances of survival against stronger players. Necklaces, on the other hand, offer increased defense, whereas Belts offer increased health. Lastly, rings offer an array of special abilities such as teleportation and freezing your opponents. Players must know how specific accessories affect their playstyle and choose carefully.

All Accessories Users in Blox Fruits

Accessory Levels and Rarity

In Blox Fruits, there are different Levels of Accessories that players can use. The highest level of accessories is Level 1000, giving you the best bonuses to your stats. Additionally, there is rarity to these Accessories, and the chances of getting higher Rarity increase as you move up in Levels. It’s essential to keep this in mind while acquiring Accessories as it directly affects your gameplay.

Accessory Locations in Blox Fruit

You can buy accessories at the Blox Fruits accessory shop. The price variation will depend on the Level and Rarity of the accessory with Level 1000 being the most expensive. Additionally, there are many accessory locations across the game maps that players can acquire for free. Players can find accessories on trees, chests, and sometimes as rare drops from enemies, which is always a plus.

Strategies for Using Accessories in Blox Fruit

When equipping Accessories, it’s essential to consider their bonuses and stats combined with the character’s playstyle. For example, suppose you like to play aggressively and prefer hand-to-hand combat. In that case, you may want to wear accessories that boost strength and damage output. However, suppose you are the defense-oriented player and prefer to stay away from combative situations. In that case, you may prefer necklaces that offer better protection. Always keep in mind that different Accessories will offer different bonuses and effects, so choose your Accessory combinations strategically.

All One Piece Accessories Users in Blox Fruits

The Ultimate Accessory Combinations

Lastly, the perfect accessory combination that works for one player may not work for another, but here are several combinations that provide balance and offer the player an advantage. A combination of the Benn Beckman Pistol and the ring of snow freezes your opponents, allowing for a quick escape, along with offering them immense damage with the pistol. The Adamantine Necklace and Inflatable Belt will maximize your defense and Health, and finally, you can never go wrong with combining the Trident with the Flaming Sword for fantasy lovers out there!


Accessories play an essential role in any Blox Fruits player’s strategies. Whether you are playing aggressively or defensively, having the right set of Accessories can make the world of difference. Additionally, knowing where to get Accessories and their Levels and Rarity will help you make informed decisions when selecting Accessories. Finally, the Ultimate Accessory Combinations that we listed above are just ideas for players, and they should always tweak the combinations to their playstyle and preference. Overall, equipping the right Accessories can take your gameplay to the next level, so choose wisely and strategize accordingly!