Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Is This 80s Classic Still Worth It?

Mar 13, 2024


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It’s a name that evokes a specific image: pastel sunsets, palm-lined boulevards, and a soundtrack filled with 80s bangers. But this game came out in 2002 – that’s over two decades ago! So, the question begs to be asked: is it still worth diving into Vice City in 2024?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City isn’t just a piece of gaming history; it offers a unique and exhilarating experience that remains unmatched even today. Sure, the graphics might look a bit dated, but at its core is an open-world playground bursting with personality, ambition, and a whole lot of chaotic fun.

Vice City’s Timeless Appeal


Let’s be honest, the main draw of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is its pure 80s nostalgia. This isn’t just a superficial coat of neon paint, but a whole era meticulously recreated. From the clothes and cars to the music blasting from your stolen convertible, Vice City transports you to a time of shoulder pads, big hair, and unbridled excess.

But it’s more than just the visuals. The soundtrack is a time capsule in itself. Switching radio stations isn’t just changing music, it’s like flipping through an aural history of the 1980s. Expect everything from pop hits and glam rock to thumping electro and hilarious talk radio.

“Scarface” Vibes and the Rise of Tommy Vercetti

If the soundtrack brings the 80s vibe, the story and characters fully embrace the era’s obsession with crime epics like “Scarface”. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City borrows heavily from the movie’s themes – ruthless ambition, the allure of Miami’s underworld, and a protagonist determined to rise to the top, no matter the cost.

That protagonist is Tommy Vercetti. He’s not just your average video game crook – Tommy is charismatic, calculating, and ruthlessly ambitious. You’ll root for him even as he commits terrible crimes, a testament to the game’s characterization and Ray Liotta’s iconic voice acting. While inspired by Tony Montana, Tommy Vercetti carves his own memorable path through Vice City’s criminal landscape.

Building Your Empire, Vice City Style


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City isn’t just about shooting and car chases (though there’s plenty of that!). At its heart, it’s a game about building a criminal empire. You’ll progress from a low-level hood to a kingpin, acquiring businesses, properties, and an arsenal worthy of an 80s action movie.

This emphasis on progression is key to Vice City’s appeal. You start small, shaking down shop owners and running errands for shady figures. But as your cash flow increases, so does your power. Soon, you’ll be buying nightclubs, boatyards, and even a film studio! This sense of growing influence makes you feel like the ultimate criminal mastermind.

Gameplay That Still Delivers

Let’s be upfront: by modern standards, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s gameplay can feel a bit clunky. The controls aren’t as precise as in newer games, and the missions can occasionally be frustrating. However, that’s where the real fun lies!

Vice City embraces the absurdity of its premise. It’s about gleefully causing mayhem. Think hijacking tanks, stealing helicopters, and engaging in wild shootouts with the cops. It prioritizes over-the-top action and a sense of power that remains undeniably satisfying.

And let’s not forget the joy of simple exploration. Vice City is a world packed with secrets, side missions, and bizarre encounters. Spend an afternoon doing motorcycle stunts, searching for collectible packages, or simply cruising along the beach listening to your favorite radio station.

Should YOU Play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2024?


So, here’s the million-dollar question: who will get the most out of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City today?

  • Nostalgia Enthusiasts: If you grew up in the 80s, or just love the era, this game is a no-brainer. It’s a pure blast of nostalgia that newer games can’t replicate.
  • Open-World Mayhem Lovers: If you crave unchecked freedom and cause hilarious chaos in a game world, Vice City delivers in spades.
  • GTA Newcomers: Vice City is a great entry point to the series, providing a contained and iconic experience.

It’s also worth noting that Vice City is available on many platforms, including remasters with improved visuals. It’s accessible to just about anyone!

Where to Play and How to Get Started

Finding Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Vice City is available on a wide variety of platforms.

  • PC: Check Steam or the Rockstar Games launcher.
  • Consoles: You may find it on the PlayStation Store (PS4, PS5), Xbox Store (Xbox Series X/S, older generations), or even the Nintendo eShop (Switch).
  • Mobile: Look for it on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
    Instructions and Resources

Official Website: The Rockstar Games website for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City often has tips and basic instructions (
Game Manuals: Digital versions of the game’s manual are usually accessible in-game or through the platform you purchased it on.
Online Communities: Websites and forums dedicated to GTA have extensive guides, walkthroughs, and support.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City isn’t just a piece of gaming history; it’s a timeless experience. The graphics might have aged, and some of its humor might feel a bit dated, but the core of the game remains rock solid. It’s a thrilling, hilarious, and surprisingly heartfelt ride through a neon-soaked criminal paradise.

If you long for the 80s, crave open-world freedom or simply want an iconic game to sink your teeth into, give Vice City a spin. And remember, sometimes the best way to experience the future is to take a trip back to the past.


Is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City appropriate for all ages?

No, Vice City contains mature themes, violence, and strong language. It’s best suited for older teens and adults.

Do I need to have played other GTA games to enjoy Vice City?

Not at all! Vice City has a self-contained story, so you can jump right in without prior knowledge.

Is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hard?

It can be challenging at times but offers a variety of difficulty options. If you get stuck, online guides and walkthroughs are readily available.

Are there cheat codes?

Absolutely! Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has a long tradition of hilarious and game-breaking cheat codes. You can find lists of them easily online.

Is the remastered version worth it?

If graphics are a concern, the remastered version offers visual improvements and some quality-of-life updates. However, the core gameplay remains the same.